A new intelligent headset monitors brain activity

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A team of researchers from Hitachi presented this week a revolutionary headset that can tell how active a person is mentally, at a certain moment, by measuring the amount of blood flowing through the brain.

Since until now the doctors could only measure the blood flow through the brain by laying people down and keeping their heads still, the new invention could improve performance in study classrooms or on the sports field. The headset uses near-infrared lighting to detect the amount of blood in the brain.

A variety of wireless devices could be connected to the headset and analyze brain performance in real-life situations. Up to 20 people can be monitored in the same time.

"Studying brain activity when humans are concentrating or getting an idea is expected to help trainee teachers to get feedback from pupils and improve their teaching abilities," said Ryuta Kawashima, the leader of the research team.

On the sports ground, the device can be used to monitor a whole football team simultaneously and see under which conditions they perform best.

"One of my dreams is to help individuals better perform in society," he added.

Hitachi said it has no immediate plans of launching the new invention commercially.

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