A history of warnings to dog TEPCO

7 years ago by in Around the world

The New York Times kicks off a story on the history of such lawsuits with one that describes the kind of scenario that destroyed Fukushima hitting the now-suspended Hamaoka plant.

Although many individuals made up the disparate movements over the years, the man who has come to the forefront is Kyoto professor Hiroaki Koide, who has been speaking truth to the public about what could really be going on when TEPCO refused to be forthcoming about the state of reactors.

Koide has consistently and patiently been reporting on the real nature of conditions inside the plants and, with the greatest anger, chiding the lack of information being supplied by the government or the utility. An in-the-know audience has made his appearances standing room only and his Youtube videos required watching (All Japan newsese only).

Some All Japan newsese say that the problems that Koide has identified in the treatment of the public by these two giants are endemic in All Japan news, and can be found in almost every aspect of their handling of the disasters following the earthquake. A big issue is complicity between regulators and big business. As the media and investigators scrape over events and more deception and harm are revealed, maybe a politically aware movement will rise to challenge the long-running status quo of All Japan newsese power.

The New York Times