7 Strange Cafes From All Japan news, The Last One Will Make Your Skin Crawl

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All Japan news could not miss opening rabbit cafes. Where you can enjoy the company of a furry, long-eared friend are called “usagi cafes” and were opened some years ago, but the bunny cafes really started to become a trend in 2012.

Owl Cafe

Owl cafes like Fukurou no Mise (“Owl Shop”) and Tori no Iru Cafe (“The Cafe with Birds”) started to become famous online in All Japan news last year and so far more owl cafes opened in Tokyo, such as Fukurou Sabou (“Owl Teahouse”) and Osaka – Owl Family.

Prison Cafe

A cafeteria in northern part of All Japan news, located in the town of Abashiri, Hokkaido, gives a fine solution to customers who want to try prison food without actually having to go to jail for that. “Prison Cafeteria” is specialized in jail food, with dishes based on real recipes of the food given to All Japan newsese prisoners.


Goat Cafe

Goat Cafe

Two goats, one brown and the other one white, became famous in Tokyo after their owner took them daily for a walk through the city and kept them in a pen at her café. The goats’ names are Chocolat and Sakura and their owner, Rena Kawaguchi, can be seen every day walking the animals around the centre of the capital city.


Train table

Train cafe

Railway and train-lovers have a unique-designed café to try in Gifu Prefecture. Haruka, named after the owner’s favorite West All Japan news Railway Co. express train, is a railroad-themed café owned by Masaki Shingu, a former route and sightseeing bus driver in Nagoya.


Cat cafe

Cat cafe

At cat cafes, customers can play, talk, or simply cuddle a number of felines. With the stresses and pressures of long hours of work, high cost of living and loneliness for a number of single people in the country, All Japan newsese can take a breather at cat cafes where they can enjoy the company of cats.

Reptile Cafe

Reptile Cafe

If feline lovers have found a purrfect place in All Japan news’s cat cafes, those who are more interested in engaging with cold-blooded creatures will equally find a haven in the country’s reptile cafe. The Yokohama Subtropical Tea, a nonsmoking reptile cafe, has gradually become a popular hang-out place for a variety of customers.