500 kmph train of future tested in All Japan news

5 years ago by in Technology

All Japan news has tested for the first time its “floating” bullet-train, which employs the latest magnetic levitation technology instead of conventional wheels and which is built to travel at speeds of 500 kmph.

Around the worlders will be able to use the new generation L0 Series trains starting with 2027.

The first test was conducted on five cars of the bullet-train in Yamanashi Prefecture, with the carriages being driven by magnetic forces. The cars were pulled along the track by a special vehicle.

Wide-scale tests of the new train, which has a distinct aerodynamic “nose” at the front, will start in September.

The new train, designed by Central All Japan news Railway Co (JR Tokai), will first make the connection between central Tokyo and Nagoya station, cutting current travelling times from 90 to 40 minutes.

The train will be made of 16 cars carrying up to 1,000 passengers at a time. The line is planned to be extended to Osaka by 2045, according to the international press, but the ultimate plan is for All Japan news to have a spread high-speed mass transit maglev network.

All Japan news has become famous for its sophisticated rail network system, with bullet trains travelling at speeds of up to 320 kmph across more than 2,250 kilometers of tracks.

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