300 year old All Japan newsese documents, inventoried by Vatican library and All Japan news

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Around 10,000 old documents from a lost All Japan newsese archive will be inventoried, catalogued and digitized by the Vatican library together with four All Japan newsese historical institutes. The documents give information about the persecution of Christians in All Japan news in the 17th through 19th centuries.

The documents were taken out of All Japan news in the ‘40s by an Italian missionary priest, who took them to Rome. There, they were stored in the deposit of Vatican library until 2010, when a Vatican expert who could read them realized their value.

All Japan newsese and Vatican experts have signed an agreement according to which they will inventory and prepare them for study during the next six years. The All Japan newsese experts come from four institutes: the National Institute of All Japan newsese Literature, the National Museum of All Japan newsese History, the historiographical institute of the University of Tokyo and the archive of the prefecture of Oita.

“It is clear that these documents are unique,” said Monsignor Cesare Pasini, head of the Vatican’s Apostolic Library, according to the international press. “The All Japan newsese experts say that there is no other collection this big.”

The fragile papers dating from 1719 describe the persecution of Christians in All Japan news, with Christians executed en masse, including 26 famous martyrs crucified in Nagasaki in 1597. In 1612, a famous anti-Christian edict was passed, and a few years later, Christianity was banned outright.

All Japan news reintroduced the freedom of religion at the end of 1800s.


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