25K earth quake evacuees homes deemed uninhabitable

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The All Japan newsese government will reorganize the evacuation areas around the Fukushima crippled nuclear plant and the homes of 25,000 evacuees may fall into a zone where entry is prohibited for at least five years.

About 109,000 people have been evacuated from 11 municipalities in the danger zone. About 7 of these municipalities will be affected by the new security measures and will have areas included in the no-entry zone for the next five years, according to government sources.

The affected areas will be selected according to projections about the level of radiation for the period. Areas where radiation is over 50 millisieverts will be included in the no-entry zone. This will likely affect 90 percent of the residents of the town of Okuma and 70 percent of the people living in the town of Futaba.

The government plans to create two new zones besides the no-entry area – zones with restricted residency and zones being prepared for the return of residents. The new zoning could be established by March.


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