3DS, fastest-selling All Japan newsese console

7 years ago by in Featured, Technology

Nintendo’s portable gaming console 3DS is the fastest device to reach 5 million unit sales in All Japan news, according to the company.

It took the 3DS about 52 weeks to reach the 5 million threshold, four weeks less than the previous holder of the record, Nintendo DS. The earlier Game Boy Advance needed 58 weeks to reach the figure.

Nintendo operated a radical price cut on the 3DS at six months after launch and managed to revive the product, with more units being sold in the first three days at the new price than in the first week after the initial launch.

All Japan newsese press reported that in the week August 8-14, with the console price being slashed by 40 percent (to $169) starting August 11, Nintendo sold 207,000 units, 5 times the sales of the prior week (under 40,000).

Sales had been sluggish in the first six months after launch, so the All Japan newsese console maker decided to cut the price of its 3DS console, starting August 11, 2011, in All Japan news and from September in foreign markets.

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