180 Yen Beers!??!

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Happoshu… The poor man’s beer. The in-between payday, quicker picker upper…. The worst hangover on earth… The wake up in your genkan naked, drink. HAPPOSHU NO MORE, I say!!

Happoshu gets a round-house kick to the face!!! The mofo SHOURYU-KEN to the floor!!
f, d, df + P that naked genkan!!

Unbelievers, BEHOLD:

*This* my friends, is no mere happoshu, this is pure, straight, clean NAMA beer!!! In NON-Hobbit sized mugs!! This is rainbows & unicorns on a warm, sunny day. This is puppies & kittens. THIS – IS – SPARTA!!! THIS is the stuff dreams are made of! Dreams drawn on paper napkins after 1800 yen worth of glorious, hops & barley goodiness. YOU DO THE MATH.

That is 10 beers!!!!! ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY YEN BEERS!!!

Along on the way, you will get stopped by several EVIL tenchos, "Come into *MY* bar!! Beers are *only* 300 yen!! High-ball, 180 yen!!!". Your sweat dripping off your brow, thirst creeping up the back of your throat, yearning for the gold ambrosia of the gods… (you will then also wonder, WTF is a high-ball?!)

You and your friends will stand there, undoubtedly with dumb looks on their faces, as more than 1 person in a group always equals confusion & indecision.
"It sounds so cheap, they look so good… Should we go!?!?" – You will ask yourself and your friends. All will look in the face of evil and be tempted, no one will make a decision & you will wonder……

DO NOT BE FOOLED by these demons from hell!!!! LAUGH in the face of 300 yen beer temptation!! Carry on warrior, you are only a few steps from your gates of heaven. BELIEVE in the 180 yen beers, because THEY – BELIEVE – IN- YOU!

It is rumored that only the purest of hearts can see the entrance, but just a few more feet down the road, you will find your 180 yen oasis. (on the left!)

The food is your normal izakaya fare, except.. EXCEPT…….

The french fries are AWESOME!!! The Lord will speak to you through these french fries, people. If you have a date or a next day meeting, they are a bit garlicky, so be forewarned!!

5 of us, 7pm-12:20am, well stuffed with beer & food for 10500 yen. That’s 2100 yen each for a taste of heaven (and for you budding mathematicians).

And once again, you’ll have to just guess where this is or email me for more info!! 😉 We want to see how well you know your Tokyo!!! If I get a correct guess, I’ll post a map to this Tokyo treasure… There are several chains, but you have to guess where this exact one is…
(Albeit some of you can read the kanji, you big cheaters!! You shall be BANISHED to the 300 yen bar!!! FATALITY!!!)



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