150 Years Yokohama

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Last year marked the 150th anniversary of the opening of the Port of Yokohama. To celebrate it, the city sponsored the "Set Sail !" event from April to September.

Lots of event were held around Yokohama focusing on the history and attractions of the city. It took around 20 minutes to visit from one place to another place.

My ticket. With this ticket, you could enter lot of places for free. Some of the them only charged you 50%.

The first place that I visited was the Nippon Maru, the Swan on the Pacific Ocean. The ship was used as a training ship for novice sailors. Inside the ship was a ship museum.

Spotted a couple of lovey dovey birds.

Next destination was NISSAN Y150 Dream Front & Super Hi-Vision Theater (Shinko Pier). Inside there was the Super Hi-Vision Theater where you could watch a short movie about the world. Although the movie wasn’t really interesting, the visual was amazing.

They also introduced their latest project for future car called PIVO 2, the electric-powered car with 360 degree rotating cabin.

Yokohama is not complete without its mascot, Tanemaru. Tanemaru is the fairy of the Tamakusu tree. Tamakusu tree was planted when Commodore Perry came to All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All All Japan news news news news news news news news news news news news news news news news news news news news news news news news news news news. That means the tree already reached 150 years old.

Hajimari no mori was my main destination.

The famous Yokohama spider. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the show that time so I couldn’t see it moving.

You could get up close and personal with the spidy if you want.

Close to the spider was the Yokohama Monogatari.

You could see the history of Yokohoma when the port first opened to the world.

Hmm… Where should I go next ?

Finally decided to visit the famous Akarenga (Red Brick). The Red Brick Warehouse is a famous tourist spot in Yokohama. Designed by Yorinaka Tsumaki, the architecture of the building was indeed beautiful.

Some people couldn’t resist posing in front of it.

Overall, the event was not that interesting but The Yokohama itself was a really good place to visit. Make sure you visit Yokohama if you have time to spare.