109 mall at old GAP site in Harajuku?

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As I was zipping through Meiji crossing on a bicycle in Harajuku as I am wont to do to avoid the congestion, yesterday something made me stop in my tracks and snap the photo below- it was an opening in the wall of the construction site that showed the old T’s Harajuku Building (aka GAP at Meiji crossing) in rubble.

So it got me thinking- what is going to go up in this space next?

If the rumors are true, it will be a Harajuku outpost of…. 109 mall.

The rumors stem from the fact that the building is (or was) owned by Tokyu Corporation. Did you know that 109 is actually 10 (to) and 9 (kyu)=Tokyu ? Also owned by the corporation. The only thing that would debunk this theory is that Tokyu railroad doesn`t run to Harajuku therefore not bringing in the revenue to the railroad company from people using it to get there .

But then again, the Tokyu line is set to connect to the Fukutoshin line therefore making that a reality. So…who knows? But whatever it is is set to go live this autumn.

Before the GAP it was a set of apartments (much like the Dojunkai apartments that were demolished to make way for Omotesando Hills) where many magazine editors and designers lived and had their studios.

What do you hope to see go up in the old GAP space?

I just would like to see some bicycle parking, thanks.

(bottom photos old GAP and Dojunkai Apartments from flickr CC users keatle and tokyogoat)

demolished GAP site in Harajuku

photo by Misha Janette

Demolished GAP site

Old GAP building

Photo by flickr user keatl used with CC rights

Old GAP site at Meiji Crossing

Dojunkai apartments, pre-Omotesando Hills

Photo by flickr user tokyogoat used with CC rights
Dojunkai Aoyama Apartments, pre-Omotesando Hills

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